who, me?

Gee, thanks for stopping by. My name's Rachel, and it really is nice to e-meet you. I'm a passionate  creative happily based in Hamilton, Ontario. I've lived with a creative spark in my fingertips since before I could walk; and while I'm sure you've heard that before, it wouldn't take you long scrolling through any archives of my life to realize that creating may be my purpose.

I talk a lot about purpose. I believe that the little things that excite our day to day are not random, nor are they secondary to a "bigger picture." It's these exact little things, like gushing over warm light peeking through my blinds that drives the detail and action behind all of my work. Over the years this has included music, dance, art, photography and writing. I attended McMaster University for Communications and discovered along the way a deep passion for the environment, nature and sustainability. This led to completing a specialized minor in Sustainability.

I'm a lover of Instagram dogs, books with inscriptions and catching the sun rise and set every day. A tree hugger, who always has room for movie theatre popcorn and believes with all her heart in the power of community. 

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I've always been passionate about music and the environment. Check out some features from my time working in community radio:

Post Malone

David Suzuki


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