You Glow Girl: St. Ives Visits McMaster

St. Ives is relaunching their product packaging with a brand new look. While it’s typical for me to be a complete sucker for a good brand relaunch, that actually wasn’t the main appeal behind deciding to partner with St. Ives.

St. Ives has always been my go-to for skincare products since even the worst of bad-skin days in grade 8. While I no longer face the exact same skin struggles as my pre-teen self once did, the brand itself has always remained trusted and true. Now, my skincare regime isn’t complete without St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. I swear by it!

The thing is... they've been making products with 100% naturally-sourced extracts, exfoliants and moisturizers since before I was born. This attention to the ingredients of their products is an important added benefit. They were kind enough to send me some full sized products to try myself. Here’s my breakdown of each and how I’m liking them so far after almost 2 weeks of usage:

  1. Acai, Blueberry and Chia Seed Oil Lotion: Even though spring is peeking through and the dry months of winter appear to be ending, I still really value a nice smelling moisturizer for keeping my legs soft after shaving and just generally keeping me feeling clean and confident after a shower. This product smells amazing! All of the ingredients instantly remind me of something that I would put in a smoothie, but after looking into them as beauty ingredients, I learned the power of Chia Seed Oil for its hydrating properties!

  2. Cucumber Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes: Face wipes are something that I’ve struggled with justifying in the past. But when St.Ives sent me these refreshing wipes, I honestly couldn’t resist. The cucumber really helped with soothing tired eyes. I wear contact lenses almost every day and my job requires me to constantly be looking at a screen, so an unexpected benefit from these wipes was how nice they felt on my swollen eyes! Even when I wasn’t wiping off makeup, I was using these wipes to help my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh in the morning if I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. They really helped with waking up tired eyes and keeping puffiness to a minimum!

  3. Coconut & Orchid Body Wash: This was my favourite smell at the Glow on the Go Sampling Bar! Scent is one of my top priorities with body wash, since, well, who doesn't want to smell amazing after a shower? It contains coconut milk which is unreal for keeping your skin hydrated without it feeling oily or over moisturized.

  4. Apricot Scrub: This was an old trusty for me! It’s an award-winning product and well deserving of the title. It was nice to see St.Ives revamp their look on this product. They also have an acne specific version of this scrub for blemish prone skin! I used to use the acne products back in high school but I’m still using the regular Apricot Scrub today. It’s a nice way to exfoliate your skin - especially on those days when you’re feeling like you need a deep clean. It removes all the dry/dead skin and bad texture and leaves me with a smooth and clean complexion. It’s almost as if their Apricot Scrub had grown up with me 🙋

I was ecstatic when I heard news that St.Ives was going on tour to share their new look and sample some of their top products to Universities across Canada - including mine, McMaster! On March 27th and 28th they were outside our athletic centre, mingling, sampling and showing off their fresh new packaging! Here’s a look inside the VIP access they gave me and my friend Jasmine as well as some of the adorable displays they had set up:


Right when I got to the sampling bar, I had a St. Ives representative walk me through a customized survey to help determine what products would be best for my skin. I checked off different experiences that I’ve noticed as problem spots for my skin as well as how sensitive or deep cleaning I wanted my samples to be. Then, I got to enter their super sweet pop up truck which was vibrant and filled with good vibes. Here the St. Ives crew walked me through which samples had been customized for me, introduced me to the new packaging and let me smell all the different products! The coconut orchid lotion was my favourite smell hands down; so fresh and floral! I took home a sample of the Coconut & Orchid Lotion as well as the Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub. I hadn’t tried either of these products before so I was excited to see how I liked them! Although it was raining on campus during the pop up, St. Ives had no problem keeping the energy high and their bright displays filled with people! It was a much needed boost of positivity to campus and I’m so happy I got to be a part of the hype.

Here’s some photos of the cute little kit I took home after my sampling session with the #StIvesGlowOnTheGo Pop Up! Did you make it out to their pop up at McMaster? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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