Hamilton Wedding Photographer


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What can I expect from a session with you?

Plenty of awful dance moves. Haha, but actually - I like to trek off the beaten path and have fun! To me, your photos should be equally as much about the experience as the final product. I love to get to know my clients as actual friends and make a fantastic third wheel when exploring new spots around town or revisiting special places. This will be an incredible time to share some laughs and an adventure with your partner and it's totally okay to allow yourself to be a little awkward or uncomfortable at first. My sessions are relaxed and although I won't "pose" you, I will help you shake out the nerves, take my time making sure you're comfortable and encourage you to share stories or direct movement that I think will reflect your personalities through the lens. We'll get mushy and talk about all the things you love about each other, but we'll also get silly and probably leave the session with a few inside jokes. Come prepared with a few dancing tracks and we might even get some tunes goin'!

Q: What do I wear?

Focus on being comfortable first and foremost; your photos should reflect your personality! It’s best to plan your outfits around what makes sense naturally (ie. if we’re going on a hike, wear what you would normally wear hiking). Colours that look best are muted tones or neutral shades (things like navy, white, black, olive, mustard, maroon, rust, etc.). Avoid logos, too many patterns and try your best to compliment your partner's outfit instead of directly matching. Accessories can be great (I’m a big hat gal), but be mindful of when accessories can be distracting - for instance, watches are usually best to leave at home unless they have sentimental meaning to you. For longer sessions, it's sometimes nice to plan 2 outfits - one more formal, another casual. If you session is longer than 1 hour, we should have time to do a wardrobe change. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t stress! Upon booking a session with me, I’ll send you over a nice little style guide that lays it all out with examples.

Q: How long do sessions typically last? Does the listed time include travel time?

Most sessions will range between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on which package you choose. Weddings are recommended to be a full day of photo fun! None of the times listed within my packages include travel time.

Q: What does the price breakdown include?

Pricing for my packages includes the session's time, skill, service and transportation, a print release, fully edited photographs, and a downloadable e-gallery. Other considerations for fees that the photographer accumulates include equipment upgrades, software subscriptions, domain fees, website upgrades, second shooters, client meetings, administrative time and education to name a few. Photographers often don't set rates "hourly" but instead take all above fees into account when creating a standard session rate.  

Q: How many images will I receive and how long is the turn around?

On average, I give about 60 images per session but I definitely don't limit them (weddings average at approximately 50 images per hour, per shooter). My goal for getting photos back to you is within 1-2 weeks for engagements, headshots and smaller sessions or 4-6 weeks for weddings. My contracts do outline longer wait times to give myself a buffer in case things come up! If for whatever reason, you need photos by a certain timeframe - just let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate. 

Q: What value does a second shooter add?

Not only does a second shooter provide insurance for the main photographer in the case of any equipment failures, it also provides more than one angle during ceremonies (so that we can catch multiple reactions) and ensures parts of the day where you can't have a "do-over" aren't missed. A second shooter is necessary during the morning for "getting ready" photos since I simply can't be in two places at once. Having a second shooter throughout the day also provides double the amount of images that you would receive, so there is a lot of value. All of my current 2019 rates account for a second shooter and include one in the price.  

What to expect with weddings?

1 / initial hangs

I love to meet for a coffee if we can to get to know one another, or Skype in our PJs if we live in different cities. I have an online questionnaire for you and your hubby to fill out together! This is also the perfect time to lurk me on Instagram and ask any questions you have to ensure we’re a good fit.

2 / down to biz

Once we’re ready to rock, I’ll send you a contract and invoice for you to review, sign and return to me. Wedding dates are only secured once a contract has been finalized, so I would recommend doing this as soon as possible to secure your date! A 25% deposit will be due upon signing the contract. 

3 / engagement photos

Together we’ll select a date and start planning your complimentary engagement session! The session will last up to 1.5 hours and include up to two looks.

4 / the big day

Pure fun, joy and killer dance moves. You’ve worked hard to make today magic, now get out there and crush it on the D floor. 

5 / post-wedding

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a few sneak peeks of your day so that you can post on the ‘gram. 1 to 2 months after, I’ll send your full e-gallery of images and mail you any USB or physical versions you have ordered. You’ll be sent your print release granting you full rights to the use and print of the images.