Hamilton Wedding Photographer




My StylE

I would describe my style as relaxed, moody, candid and intimate. I like to capture in-between moments and details that tell the story of your day through a creative lens. I’m inspired by both the old and new as I’m often found thinking of new ways to use technology, all while vintage polaroids develop in my back pocket. I pay attention to the pieces that matter to you and I understand that there are often no do-overs. My work is a mixing pot of influences that seems to expand with each new story I tell.



Let’s create some rad stuff. Getting photos done should be an experience just as much as a product. Engagement and couple sessions are incredibly unique for everyone, because every couple’s story is different. I want to capture you in a way that you can look back on your images and think “that is so us.” I want your photos to speak your truth, because really — this session is all about you. I know that we’ll share some laughs, and I hope that you’ll trust me to tell your story. Are you two humans in love? Let’s capture that feeling.


weddings + elopements

As your photographer on your wedding day, you mean a lot to me. I want us to be friends and establish a goofy, comfortable and safe environment right off the bat. My biggest priority is that you feel at ease with the decisions you make, and I will always stand by you breaking traditions and doing things your way! You’ve (probably) never been a bride or groom before, and you might be overwhelmed as you sift through business cards and think to yourself “how the frick do you plan a wedding?” but I will be here for you every step of the way, and can assure you it’s going to be one wicked fun time. Together let’s create a day that feels like your own.


families + friends

Life ebbs and flows at a funny pace. We’re all consistently changing and I love being a part of the moments where time can stand still. Whether you’re a first-time mom with a watermelon tummy, a big crazy family bursting at the seams with love, or truly anything in between, I want to help you collect those memories. You’ll experience alllllll the feels for generations to come when looking back on photographs of the babies, grandparents and college roommates that shaped you into who you are today. I want these photos to tell the stories of forever exactly as you feel them right now.



Let’s capture something different for your brand. Let’s tell a story that is authentically yours with a voice that ignites conversations in your target audience. Let’s paint your product in a way that stands out. Lookbooks, catalogs and product shoots are projects that I would love to help you create. Let’s chat about your vision and establish content that suits your wants, needs and budget effectively. Reach out with an idea!