Kelsey & Chris | Engagement

Kelsey was my manager at my very first job working at the Wonderland Road McDonalds in London when I was 16. Back then, my biggest priority was saving up to buy myself an LG Rumour 2 slide phone (yup.. that’s right, this one came after the flip phone) and love was just something I saw in the movies. We worked countless greasy shifts together serving up fries with a smile, but in all honesty, I always looked up to Kelsey’s energy and positivity. She is literally a sun beam in any room that she enters. I could see then how it made her a great manager, a fun coworker, a kind friend and I can see now how it makes her a wonderful partner when matched with the exact same energy and beaming qualities in Chris.

When Chris & Kelsey reconnected with me to do engagement photos, I was thrilled! It feels like I’ve been following their relationship for years over social media, but what better way to officially spend some time together than to help them master twirling on a cliff with Kelsey in heels?

After a brisk hike to the top of Dundas Peak, these two were GIGGLING like third graders on the top of the escarpment. At times photography can feel awkward and it definitely takes warming up to being in front of the camera - that’s the beauty of booking an engagement session with your wedding! I was melting at how adorable these two were any time they felt a sliver of nerves or had a moment of awkwardness... they quickly reacted each time by grabbing each other’s hands and giving me some of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. Simply said, they’re smitten and I felt like a fly on the wall in what’s just the start of their grand love story.

Little Penny stole the show with a few pawsome cameos and Kelsey and Chris rocked packers jerseys for a baywatch-worthy jog down Hamilton beach. Sessions like this one remind me how good it feels to be reconnected with old friends over new passions.

To see a few of my favourite shoots from their gallery, scroll below!