Hamilton Wedding Photographer


Josh + Sophia | The Mule Spinner

Josh + Sophia had one of those crazy, unique, wild wedding days that left me wide awake that night thinking “holy sh*t — did I literally just live my dream wedding?” What started with a quote from the princess bride, amped up with them reciting the parent trap handshake and sizzled down with an intimate crowd of family + friends uncontrollably sobbing through some of the most beautiful handwritten vows I’ve ever heard. They capped the festivities off with Shorty’s Pizza, a banging night of karaoke and cut the cake one of their close pals baked in her kitchen. J+S took their day into their hands and it showed in every detail — this day radiated them in every sense of the word. Although the Josh + Sophia touch was visible in everything, the day still felt so geared toward creating an atmosphere for all their loved ones; place where you could play jumbo Jenga off a handmade set that Sophia’s dad had built, or you could munch on delicious food without a sit down dinner timeline. That’s what celebrating your love story should be about, isn’t it? An opportunity to give + take, and revel in all the joy that comes from that.

Cheers to you two goofy wild lovers. Thank you for being one of the many reasons I believe real, undeniable, crazy eccentric love to be true.

Venue: The Mule Spinner, Hamilton Ontario

Catering: Nellie James, Hamilton Ontario

Late Night Snack: Shorty’s Pizza, Hamilton Ontario