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Your photos should reflect who you are first and foremost.

It’s not necessary to buy anything new for this shoot if you don’t want to and it’s great if you want to wear your favourite sweater, shoes, etc! Feel free to use this as a gentle guideline to aid you in planning colours, patterns and overall outfits that will help you look and feel your best in your photos. It’s important to know that there is no hard rules and this shoot is completely up to you and whatever you feel best represents that. Be yourself!

Wear clothing that makes sense for the circumstance and is comfortable in whatever conditions we’re working with. For example, if we’re going on a hike and getting a little down/dirty, be sure to dress appropriately and maybe consider leaving your heels at home. It’s important to dress for the weather, because if you’re freezing your butt off - it’ll show! In the winter, try using scarves or a peacoat to keep the session stylish and warm without disappearing in layers of parka! In the heat, avoid grey and before the shoot, sweat-test materials to keep sweat stains outta your photos! Check to make sure your undergarments aren’t visible if you don’t want them to be.

Feel free to reach out with options at any point if you want my opinion or need help with styling and check out my Pinterest Wardrobe Inspiration here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 6.03.30 AM.png

Warm and neutral colours look best with my editing style. Avoid neon and overpowering patterns — these will come across very distracting.


Jewelry, Texture and Accessories

Flowy dresses are a great way to add dimension and movement to photos. Jewelry with special meaning is highly encouraged but less tends to be more. Avoid wearing watches and bracelets that could be unwanted distractions (tip: watches and glasses tend to have reflective tints that are difficult to avoid in unpredictable lighting scenarios - it’s best to leave these at home if you can). Feel free to strip down to your comfies if doing an in-home session and suit the vibe wherever your session takes place!


Patterns and Colour

When planning your outfits, it’s best to compliment each other without matching too directly. If you’re wearing blue jeans, maybe only have one of you wear blue and the other wear black or a pair of nice khakis/a skirt. If one of you is in a pattern, the other should aim to stay neutral and avoid patterns. Bold colours work best as complimentary (ie. rust, mustard, maroon matched with beige, white, black or grey). Try to avoid green + blue if your photos are going to be somewhere with a lot of nature, since you’ll likely blend right into the trees/water and not stand out in the way you want to!



While I’d prefer you leave the DIY frames and quotes on signs at home… it is your session and you are welcome to include anything that you feel reflects your relationship! The best props in my opinion, are the ones that mean something to you. If you want to bring along a coffee, beer, wine your favourite food or have a wacky creative concept you wanna get weird with, I’d love to include it it in our session! Things like skateboards, roller blades or tools for a hobby you share can be super fun. Pets are completely welcome, but keep in mind you may want to bring a friend or have the session close to home if you’re including your dog so that you’re not too distracted + can get some shots of just your relationship as well.